The Timeless Appeal of the Necktie: More Than Just a Strip of Fabric

In a world that constantly evolves at the speed of light, there are few items that have stood the test of time in men's fashion quite like the necktie. What began as a simple cloth tied around the neck of Croatian mercenaries has woven its way through the ages to become the quintessential symbol of sophistication and style in the modern gentleman's wardrobe.

The Evolution of Style

Neckties have seen it all. From the voluminous cravats of the 17th century that spoke volumes about one's social standing, to the skinny ties that became the hallmark of the 60s mod culture, the necktie has been a steadfast indicator of the times. But what makes the necktie such an enduring accessory?

Function Meets Fashion

Originally, the tie started as a functional accessory; it was meant to protect the shirt from stains and was easily removable for cleaning. But as with all things utilitarian, form soon followed function, and the necktie became a canvas for personal expression.

The Modern Necktie

Today's necktie balances the line between expression and convention. It's where personal taste meets professional decorum. Choosing the right tie can say a lot about you - it can scream confidence with bold patterns, whisper elegance with subtle solids, or simply nod to a keen eye for quality with luxurious textures.

The Material Difference

At Bottom Low, we take pride in creating ties that are not just visually appealing but also tactilely inviting. Our 100% polyester microfiber ties are designed by Alex Mishra to emulate the suave touch and graceful fall of silk without the fragility or the hefty price tag. They are ties designed for the everyday man who does not shy away from making a statement.

Tying It All Together

Choosing a tie goes beyond color coordination. It's about understanding the language of patterns, the occasion, and what your tie says about you. Is it a bold, assertive stripe for that critical negotiation? A playful polka dot for a first date? Or a classic, deep blue for a touch of boardroom gravitas?

The Ritual

There's a reason why the act of tying a tie is considered ritualistic. It's a moment of transformation - a rite of passage. As you stand before the mirror, you are not just tying a strip of fabric around your neck; you are assuming a role, stepping into a persona, preparing to present the best version of yourself to the world.


Whether you're a seasoned tie aficionado or new to the game, the necktie offers an endless spectrum of self-expression. It's a small addition to your outfit with monumental impact. And in the art of dressing well, it's often the smallest details that speak the loudest. So, the next time you reach for a tie, remember, it's more than just an accessory - it's a statement, it's tradition, it's history, and it's undoubtedly a touch of class.

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